Why Not Getting Success? – How is Success Achieved in Life?

Why Not Getting Success

Why Not Getting Success in Life

A sage was asked: How is success achieved in life? Hakeem said to get the answer you have to have dinner with me tonight. All my friends gathered at night. He brought a bowl of soup. But a meter-long spoon was given to drink the soup. Told everyone that you have to drink the soup with the same long spoon. Everyone tried, but it was obviously impossible. No one could drink soup from a spoon. Everyone was hungry. All failed, so Hakeem said: Look at me. He grabbed the spoon, took the soup, and put the spoon in the mouth of the person next to him. Now each person took his spoon and started feeding the other the soup. Everyone was very happy.

After drinking the soup, Hakim stood up and said: He who decides to fill his stomach at the table of life, will remain hungry. And he who cares to feed others will never be hungry himself. The giver always benefits from the taker. You cannot be successful in life until your friends are successful.

Why Not Getting Success
Why Not Getting Success

Every businessman wants to be successful. Every businessman wants to make a profit. Every owner wants to see their company grow. But remember! Unless your employees are happy, the company cannot grow. Unless the worker is successful, the company cannot be successful. Today, every company owner wants to be successful by cutting his employee’s salaries, but remember! The path to success is through a successful employee.
There is an English saying: A Happy Worker is a Productive Worker.Visit

Life Prescription: Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility

An employee who has problems at home, how attentive will he work during the job? How can one who does not have money to treat a sick child work diligently and gracefully?

A recent Gallup survey revealed that $300 billion a year is being lost due to disgruntled employees in the US alone. These losses are happening in companies across the country including your company. Our officers want their employees to respect them, but no one is ready to respect their employees. Unless you take care of the employee, don’t consider him as your own human being, don’t consider his need as your need, and don’t feel his pain, the destination of success will remain away from you.

Islam also teaches the same.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said to Abu Dharr (RA): These are your brothers whom Allah has made your servants. A person who has an employee should feed him from his own food, dress him like himself, not give him more work than he is capable of, and if he is given more work, he should also help him. (Author Abdul Razzaq: 17965)

Your employee makes a mistake, but how angry do you express it? If you arrive a minute late, they threaten to fire you. If they don’t work on time, they get screwed. They try to cut the salary of the employee. But come on! Find out the prophetic way.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Amr bin As says: A person came to the service of the Holy Prophet. He asked a question: O Prophet of Allah! How many times should we forgive our servant? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) remained silent. He asked the question again but the Holy Prophet remained silent. He asked the question for the third time, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Forgive him seventy times a day. (Abu Dawud, Number: 5164)

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