Philippines Women’s Football Team – Women’s World Cup 2023

Philippines Women's National Football Team

The Philippines Women’s National Football Team, also known as the Malditas, has been making waves in the world of women’s football in recent years. The team has come a long way since its formation in 1985 and has gradually established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Southeast Asian region.

Philippines Women’s National Football Team

One of the major achievements of the Malditas is their qualification for the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup, which will be held in India. This will be the first time that the Philippines has qualified for the prestigious tournament, which features some of the best women’s football teams in the continent.

Philippines Women's National Football Team
Philippines Women’s National Football Team

The journey to qualify for the Asian Cup was not an easy one for the Malditas. They had to go through a grueling qualifying campaign, which saw them face tough opponents such as Bahrain, Tajikistan, and Nepal. However, the team showed resilience and determination and managed to secure their spot in the tournament with a 1-0 victory over Nepal.

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One of the key players in the Malditas’ campaign was a midfielder, Hali Long. Long, who plays her club football in the United States, was instrumental in the team’s victories over Tajikistan and Nepal. Her performances earned her the AFC Women’s Player of the Week award, and she will undoubtedly be one of the players to watch out for in the Asian Cup.

Aside from Long, the Malditas have a number of other talented players in their squad. One of them is goalkeeper Inna Palacios, who has been a mainstay in the national team for several years now. Palacios’ heroics in goal have helped the team secure crucial victories, and she will be crucial in the Asian Cup.

Another key player for the Malditas is striker Quinley Quezada. Quezada, who also plays in the United States, has been in fine form for the national team, scoring important goals in their qualifying campaign. Her partnership with Long will be crucial in the team’s quest to make a mark in the Asian Cup.

Despite the challenges that the team has faced in the past, the Malditas have continued to inspire and represent the country with pride. Their success in qualifying for the Asian Cup is a testament to their hard work and dedication and is a source of inspiration for women’s football in the Philippines.

As the team prepares for the Asian Cup, they will undoubtedly face tougher challenges ahead. However, with the talent and determination that they possess, the Malditas have the potential to make history and showcase the Philippines’ potential in women’s football on the international stage.

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