Huge Rewards Await in the New PUBG Mobile Season

Huge Rewards Await in the New PUBG Mobile Season

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PUBG Mobile Season



The highly anticipated new season of PUBG Mobile is just around the corner, and players are eagerly awaiting the release of exciting new features and rewards. Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile, has recently released the beta version of the upcoming season, allowing players to get a sneak peek and provide valuable feedback to fine-tune the gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the massive rewards that await players in the new season and take a closer look at some of the most prominent offerings.

Royale Pass Rewards

The Royale Pass is a key feature of every season in PUBG Mobile, offering players a wide range of rewards for their gameplay achievements. This season is no exception, with an extensive list of over 100 rewards to be earned. While it’s impossible to cover all the rewards in detail, we will focus on the most significant ones here.

Serpentine Gaze Plane Finish

One of the standout rewards for this season is the Serpentine Gaze plane finish. Every season, the Royale Pass treats players to a unique plane finish, and the Serpentine Gaze is set to captivate players with its stunning design and intricate details. The plane finish adds a touch of personalization and style to the game, allowing players to stand out from the crowd.

Exclusive Outfits and Skins

In addition to the plane finish, players can look forward to a wide array of exclusive outfits and weapon skins. These cosmetic items not only enhance the visual appeal of the game but also allow players to showcase their individuality and taste. From stylish costumes to weapon skins that pack a punch, the new season offers something for every player’s preference.

Emotes and In-Game Currency

Emotes have become an integral part of PUBG Mobile, allowing players to express themselves and interact with others in the game. The new season introduces a range of exciting emotes that players can unlock and use to add flair to their gameplay. Furthermore, players can also earn in-game currency through the Royale Pass, which can be used to purchase additional items and upgrades.

How to Earn Royale Pass Rewards

To unlock the various rewards offered by the Royale Pass, players need to earn Royale Pass points. These points can be obtained by completing daily and weekly missions, participating in events, and achieving certain milestones during gameplay. The more points a player accumulates, the higher their Royale Pass level, and the greater the rewards they can unlock.

Daily and Weekly Missions

PUBG Mobile offers a range of daily and weekly missions that players can complete to earn Royale Pass points. These missions involve various objectives, such as winning matches, eliminating opponents, or playing a certain number of games. By actively participating in these missions, players can steadily progress through the Royale Pass levels and unlock rewards along the way.

Events and Milestones

In addition to daily and weekly missions, players can also earn Royale Pass points by participating in special events and achieving milestones during gameplay. These events often require players to showcase their skills in specific game modes or accomplish challenging tasks. By successfully completing these events and reaching milestones, players can earn bonus points and accelerate their progress in the Royale Pass.


The upcoming season of PUBG Mobile promises an abundance of rewards for players to enjoy. From the mesmerizing Serpentine Gaze plane finish to a plethora of exclusive outfits, weapon skins, emotes, and in-game currency, there is something for everyone to look forward to. By actively participating in daily and weekly missions, events, and milestones, players can unlock these rewards and make their mark in the gaming world. Get ready to embark on an epic journey and claim your share of the massive rewards that await in the new PUBG Mobile season.


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