Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)

Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)

Mothers are Everything

Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023) Some people overwork themselves to avoid the many thoughts and confusion, but constant work also exhausts a person mentally and physically. This is what happened to me in the last two months. As soon as October begins, the Emirate’s splendor, festivals, and colorful celebrations begin.

MothersĀ  Global Village, which is truly a small world, where will see Pakistan’s Mazar-e-Quaid and Minar of Pakistan, India’s Taj Mahal, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, New York’s giant statue of Mother Teresa, and London’s Tower Bridge. will Dubai’s Miracle Garden is also decorated with millions of flowers. This time, the world’s second-largest safari park in Sharjah, which has recently been inaugurated, is also a great place for tourists. Well, we were talking about work.

Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)
Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)

Mothers Sharjah International Book Fair in November where nearly two million book lovers participated in twelve days. I was given departmental responsibilities for the event and later on for the special transmission of the UAE National Day, not only my health responded but my heart and mind also took a break due to working on holidays. The pickup alarm went off. Some vacations were also accumulated but spending vacations at home was also a new trial. My childhood was spent reading Mustansar Hussain Tarar’s travelogues, so I packed my bag and thought let’s explore another country.

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Mothers I was busy comparing Eastern and Western civilizations while walking down Oxford Street in Britain with my hands in my jacket pockets in the freezing cold of zero degrees. There is no doubt about cleanliness, and how much the governments care about the people and the facilities. Also saw different nations and people there, and many good things and many inappropriate things also came to be observed. There was also the youth in trains and buses engaged in studies and drunken beggars on the subways and outside on the footpaths. There was also a group that just ate and enjoyed life and saw 80-year-olds working as waiters in small cafe-like hotels. There is no doubt that the majority try to live there to the fullest until they die.

Mothers I was passing by roadside showrooms and restaurants lost in similar thoughts when I noticed a very small space between two buildings, probably two feet or less, which was probably made to house some machinery, etc. There I saw someone sitting with his head bowed, as if someone was huddled there instead of sitting in the open to avoid the cold.

Forced by my nature, after going a few steps forward, I turned back and understood the anxiety of my heart when I looked right in front. Between the ages of 80 and 90, a milk-white, wrinkled face bowed in front of me. Don’t know whose mother will be? Will he have any children? Someone would have a child, a family, for which he would have spent his whole life. Surprisingly, she was not begging for anything like ordinary beggars but was completely silent, she did not even look up at me, nor was she startled. I knelt down and placed whatever I had in his cradle.

Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)
Mothers Are The Most Beautiful Creation Of Allah (SWT) (2023)

Mothers I wanted to see her, talk to her and take a picture with her as a souvenir, but I didn’t have the courage. I took two steps back and stood a little far away. Seeing me, another woman also stopped and maybe something happened to her and then gave her a bottle of water.

Mothers All around me, the colorful lights and music of London’s streets, decorated for New Year and Christmas, suddenly became dull and silent. A mother’s smiling face graced the TV and newspapers a few days ago during the FIFA World Cup, and here was a mother who was perfectly silent with her head down and a wrinkled face. There was also a mother about whom Anwar Masood wrote in one of his true poems while narrating the story of his son named Akram.

Mothers In both Eastern and Western civilizations, the mother was made by Allah to be the compassionate and the giver of sacrifices. And I found the children cruel in both these civilizations. I am happy to be a Muslim that at least in our religion the position of mothers and fathers in the holy book of Allah is not in any other religion.

He sent a certain amount of money to one of our dear mothers every month and was engaged in his life here with his wife and children. A few days ago, when he met his mother after a long time, he found out that his mother’s memory had gone due to old age. They kept kissing her hand, crying, but she kept asking Who are you?

May Allah grant all our parents a long life with good health so that we can fulfill all their dreams, and give them all happiness. But it is a bitter truth that parents have come to this world before us and maybe they will also leave before us. But is it necessary for us to have a sense of time after the parents are gone, Mothers become very old, become disabled or lose their memory? It is indeed true that everything in the world can be reunited but parents; Mother and father never meet again. I have seen even very old elders crying like children remembering their parents. Is it necessary that we realize these relationships, which have no change, only after they are gone after time has passed?

There are very few people who get the opportunity to bathe their parents, feed them with their own hands, and pay their bills with a smile on their foreheads in case of illness. Every parent in the world must have done this for their children during their childhood.

May Allah recognize your paradises while living. Don’t let your elders cry in secret, and don’t let them die with so many regrets in their hearts, otherwise, we will all be left with only regret after time has passed because these are the relationships that never come back. Thanks for reading. Love You All.

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