How to Make Money E-Commerce (2023)

How to Make Money E-Commerce (2023)

Earn Money From E-Commerce

The trend of e-commerce is growing very fast in Pakistan, but most people know about e-commerce only because E-commerce is a way to buy and sell various goods online and earn money. In the following blog, we will share basic information about e-commerce with the readers.

Different companies in Pakistan have their own identity regarding e-commerce. These companies list the product information, images, price, and other details on their website and if a customer likes the product, he can purchase it online and get the desired product at his doorstep. If we talk about the rest of the world apart from Pakistan, the biggest name in terms of e-commerce comes to mind is Amazon and along with it the names of eBay and Walmart, etc. also come to mind. The forms are working.

Now let’s come to a basic question and find the answer. The most important question that comes to mind is whether this can be done by companies that want to sell their products online, but as an individual, a person neither has a company nor a product that they want to sell. Can sell on platforms. So how can a common man earn money by engaging in e-commerce? Before answering this question, there is some additional information that is also important to know.
One way to get involved in e-commerce is to create a website or online platform similar to an online sales website. Marketing and promoting it in every possible way, obviously you need a big budget to build a website and attract companies and customers by advertising it in traditional and non-traditional ways. can do In this way your website will also become an online marketplace where people will come and sell their stuff and customers will buy it. As a result, you can receive your commission or service charges from both companies and customers. There are online platforms available in Pakistan where you can create such a website.

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Another way is to create a company that provides services to companies to sell products on their own websites. For example, a company manufactures headphones and now wants to sell its product online. That company contacts you and you create an account with that company on their online platform against your charges. Edit photos from different angles of headphones and upload them with graphics. Writing content to sell headphones. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Paid Marketing of Headphones. They design a complete website separately and give the company clients to lock in as well as increase their sales. Therefore, its complete marketing is your responsibility. But working in this style also requires a big budget.

How to Make Money E-Commerce (2023)
How to Make Money E-Commerce (2023)

The third way is to acquire a skill or talent that can provide you with opportunities to connect with companies that work in both the above ways. For example, if you are skilled in any of the fields of graphics designing, web development, WordPress, digital and social media marketing, (SEO) search engine optimization, and content writing, you can easily work for these companies. Nowadays, online courses related to freelancing and the above fields are also available and there are many videos of such courses on YouTube. Apart from this, various online companies also provide job opportunities to those interested by training them in their desired field through a “Trainee Management Program”.

The fourth method is the answer to the question raised in the beginning, how can a person earn money by engaging in e-commerce as an individual? The method is that you yourself can pick up products from the open market based on your above-mentioned skills or talents and sell them on online platforms. For example, you first go to any online platform and create your seller account there. Then the first thing you need to know is what you should sell. It is important that you do online market research to find out which products are trending the most. It usually happens that after knowing the trend of the best-selling products, the same product, for example, the pictures of mobile covers are designed, its content is written, its price and delivery time are told, then its SEO or Paid marketing is done and when an order comes in, the same product is bought from a predetermined market and sold keeping its own margin. Under this method, thousands of Pakistanis are earning money by selling products at home and abroad.

It’s about Pakistan, if we talk about the rest of the world, the biggest and most famous platform is Amazon. Here the more or less procedure is that you first create your seller account, then look at the market trend and then decide what you can easily sell. Let me conclude by giving you some tips that along with the trend, you can create your own market for something unique, such as decorative pieces made from special reeds and straws made in Pakistan, and surgical and sports equipment made in Sialkot. Equipment, etc. In addition, some people buy many products in bulk from websites like Alibaba and sell them on Amazon, following the principle of the wholesale market. The rest of the procedure is almost the same as described. It is very important to take care of one thing now after a lot of efforts and difficulties, Pakistan has been included in Amazon’s list and an account is easily created from Pakistan, then it is easily closed and blacklisted forever. . Because it is very sad to say that some Pakistani products appear to be of good quality but when sold, the quality is compromised, which gives bad reputation and bad reputation to Pakistan. So first take regular Amazon training, then start working.

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