Why is Love So Important For Human Beings

Why is Love So Important For Human Beings

Why is Love So Important

Love is a natural emotion that plays a key role in the development of man and society. This is perhaps the only blessing that a person starts getting before he is born and continues to get after his death. What parents don’t do for their unborn children and how do children repay their deceased parents, walk on the right path so that no one criticizes what so-and-so’s children are doing.

Love is the name of faithfulness, fulfilling, believing, obeying, surrendering, of listening. In today’s era, the business of obstinacy and egoism is going on under the guise of gifts, may Allah save everyone from such love.

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Love cannot live without exaggeration. It is always in the mother tongue. How is it possible to love in a language in which you cannot express the state of your heart, and cannot understand the sense of fun and love in this language?

Why is Love So Important For Human Beings
Why is Love So Important For Human Beings

Ishq, love, affection, love, fun, love, lake, waterfall, moon, stars, and many other metaphors have been invented, but the lovers still feel that the right to praise the beloved has not been paid. According to the poet:

Your character has not emerged yet
The picture is your debt

Love is loyalty. It claims and wants arguments. There is perhaps no greater sin than infidelity. Shirk is disloyalty, believing in someone else’s deity with the tongue and placing the hopes of the heart in someone else’s.

The gods of the heart are separate from the gods of the cheeks
We will not worship in such a world

Love reaches every height and remains thirsty. The demand for a little more frees him from all the shackles of mediocrity. No matter how high the position, the lover remains insignificant. If your love is connected with rules, regulations, and time restrictions, think a thousand times about whether it is love or not.

Is it cruel that they also claim love?

Why is Love So Important For Human Beings
Why is Love So Important For Human Beings

Which cannot go beyond the limit of moderation

I don’t know what form of Allah’s punishment this is and our society is losing love. Neither the father from the children, nor the husband from the wife, nor the servant from his Lord, nor the pupil from the teacher, nor the master from the servant, nor the shopkeeper from the customer, nor from the birds and animals, nor from the flowers and the flowers, nor Not from the weather, not from the rain, not even from ourselves. Everyone is just passing the time.

We were many children in the house and even more in the neighborhood, but our mother recognized us by the sound of our laughter, crying, and even coughing. A person was found badly dressed, dirty, dirty clothes and disheveled hair. , although he was doing a good job in an IT company. After a bit of information, it was realized that his father always called him “the ugly one”. This matter sat in his stomach and now he does not even love himself. Go home and hug your children. You will see how hard they hit you. Love yourself, pay attention to your health and beauty, love your work, love your studies, and love your relatives, neighbors, friends, and office colleagues. People who think and speak negatively all the time, not only get various diseases but also their career stops.

And above all, love Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. A man in love tries to know as much as possible about the beloved. The knowledge of the Beloved gives it a new color every day. My friend Abdullah says that he has counted 23 Ishq. Every time he saw a good lover, he would leave him and go to the next destination. He says that looking away from the beloved, looking at someone else, looking at the time on the clock, and not focusing, are signs that the heart is broken.

I wonder how people can play with mobile phones in the mosque, and how can they look at the clock.

“Worry about the rights of the servants, the rights of Allah will be forgiven.”

Such a sentence can only be said by a person who has never been in love. You will see people who are leavened with love clearly progressing in every field of life and those whose soil is based on jealousy and doubt, they doubt their abilities as well.

Some sins just happen, without any reason. The heart wanted, it was fun, it was fun, it felt good, the ego was satisfied, it was done. These are small sins, they will always happen. Just apologize and move on. Some sins we commit by planning, like this we will go to such and such a city, such and such a hotel, we will visit such and such a country, we will feed these flowers there. These are unfaithful sins. It does not go with love. Either leave sin or say goodbye to love. A wife leaves for a small affair, Allah’s character is inexhaustible, and some keep the illusion of loyalty.

Everything about the beloved is lovely, her number, her name, her bangles, her cry, her pay. Then I don’t know why there is so much irritation with the sound of the call to prayer, why fighting in the mosque is good, what comfort is given by the ridicule of the Maulvi Sahib. If the children start getting angry that the parents did not watch the movie together, then their confidence is lost, and starts again.

Let me ask you something. Migration is possible in love, migration is not possible out of love. Can’t run away. If there is true love, even if only for a while, it will show its colors. There are very black-and-white types of people who have never been in love, otherwise, everyone has some number on their mobile that they can neither dial nor delete.

Let us pray to Allah to bring love back into our lives and make us the most loving. Amen!

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