How to Become Healthy in Life: Guidelines for Healthy Living

How to Become Healthy in Life: Guidelines for Healthy Living

How to Become Healthy in Life

Staying healthy is a dream, which is in everyone’s eyes. Because health is such a blessing of God, with which a person can perform his daily tasks well. The well-known saying, “What does the blind want?” Two eyes. Similarly, a sick man also desires health.

If we look today, our hospitals are full of sick people. Every other human seems to be suffering from some disease or the other. If you go to mosques, after every prayer, Imam Sahib’s voice echoes to pray for the sick. After all, what is the reason that diseases are increasing despite so many prayers, medicines, and the progress of science? This is a separate topic, but today I want to share some ways that you can take yourself from a sluggish and sick life to a healthy and energetic life in just a few days.

Health and wellness are sensitive subjects and we as a nation are such that if we find a doctor, we all become sick and if someone tells us about his illness, we all become an expert doctor at the same time and give him indigenous tips with contradictory foods. They also consider it a reward to be given. Even if we don’t know its consequences.

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How to Become Healthy in Life: Guidelines for Healthy Living
How to Become Healthy in Life: Guidelines for Healthy Living

According to health experts, a healthy life can be adopted to a considerable extent by the following basic methods. In just ten days you will see a change in your health. The truth is that there are many simple ways to transform your health and wellness that you can start using right away. Some of them are:

1. Do not eat food for taste or enjoyment, but as sustenance. That is, eat to live and not live to eat. When you eat for taste, you also consume foods that are harmful to your health. So try to eat for energy.

2. Be sure to take a short walk on a daily basis. Because walking burns extra calories in your body. And there is no restriction that you only have to walk, but even if you don’t like walking, you can play any sport you like, like tennis, cricket, basketball, hockey, etc.

3. Avoid sugary drinks. Drink fresh fruit juice and prepare that juice at home. Also, drink a lot of water.

4. Use more vegetables instead of meat. You must have noticed that whenever doctors prescribe diet, they prescribe everything except vegetables. According to the nature of each disease, not to eat rice or milk, not eat large meat, not eat fried things, or not eat such and such fruit. But no vegetable is forbidden in any disease. Apart from this, eating vegetables instead of meat is the best solution for weight loss. You don’t have to be a vegetarian but give importance to vegetables instead of meat.

5. Allah Ta’ala has told us such a guiding principle of healthy life in just one verse that its implementation can save us from many complications. Allah says:
O children of Adam, take your adornment from every mosque, and eat and drink, and do not waste away, for He does not love the spendthrift (Al-A’raf: 31)
“O children of Adam, on every occasion of worship be adorned with your adornment and eat and drink and do not transgress the limit. Allah does not like transgressors.

Five daily prayers, ablution, washing one’s body with water for ablution, keeping oneself clean, applying perfume, dividing one part of one’s stomach into three parts, one part to eat, one part to drink water, and one part to keep empty are the keys to a healthy life. There are guidelines that if only these are followed, you can lead a healthy life.

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