Happy New Year (2023): A New Milestone

A new year marks a new milestone

A New Year Marks a New Milestone

A new year marks a new milestone, a new turn, and a new station in the life of any person. In the new year, we should pay special attention to two things: What have we lost and what have we found in the last year? And what will be our action plan in the coming year? What do we need to do to make our plans to build and shape the future work? Here also comes the question of how to make the new year profitable, memorable, and full of success.

As the New Year ushers in our lives with good wishes and auspicious hopes for the future. So gratitude is one of the best ways to welcome the New Year. The meaning of gratitude is that a person recognizes the blessing of Allah, acknowledges it, and is grateful to Him for the blessing.

A new year marks a new milestone
A new year marks a new milestone

Since Satan is the greatest enemy of man, he keeps him entangled in worldly affairs to make him ungrateful, so that he forgets the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon him and invests them in further desires and makes him ungrateful.
Gratitude is actually a way of remembering Allah and if we want Allah to be kind to us, we have to be thankful.

“A grateful believer is nearer to prosperity” (Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq).

Human life is incredible. He spends all his life making this impossible life worth living and yet he is not able to make his life worth living from which he can find peace and contentment. All life is a race until it is time to go and life comes to its end as the year’s pass.

Good and bad times come in everyone’s life. Sometimes circumstances bring him to a crossroads in life where all avenues of life seem blocked. But remember that even water has to hit rocks to flow and make its way. Allah never closes the first way without opening another way. Therefore, there are many turning points in a person’s life where he has to adopt patience, courage, trust, and persistence as well as gratitude.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: “If you are grateful for My blessings, I will surely give you more, and if you are ungrateful, My punishment is very severe” (Surah Ibrahim verse 7).

Gratitude and ingratitude are opposites of each other. Gratitude can never exist in a heart that is ungrateful. An ungrateful person is always unhappy and unsatisfied, while gratitude increases your happiness, and relieves anxiety and stress. Suffering is a part of Sikh life. Being patient in suffering and thanking Allah in Sikh is a sign of being a believer. All the blessings that Allah has given us if we keep counting them all day long and thanking this Holy One, are less.

Gratitude creates many qualities in a person. The feeling of gratitude humbles a person, makes him recognize his master, and makes him feel benevolent. A spirit of gratitude provides an opportunity to count the blessings received and take full satisfaction in them. Illuminates the coming time with new hope and faith.

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One of the ways of gratitude is also to make the needy and needy partakers of our available blessings. Be thankful for the blessings you have in the form of beautiful relationships. Be grateful for the blessings available to you in the form of knowledge and awareness. Be grateful to your Lord for the blessings available to you in the form of health and wellness. Be grateful for the blessings you have in the form of good friends. May Allah fulfill your desires and wishes in the past year and bow before the Lord of the Worlds and hope for the coming new year.

Count all the blessings you have received in the past year and be thankful to your Allah. Tomorrow’s blessings will abound only if you are grateful for the blessings you received earlier. A new year brings new achievements, new dreams, new goals, and new heights, the secret to reaching them successfully is to make gratitude a part of your personality with all your heart and soul. This passion will open the doors of endless success and achievements for you to come.

May the new year bring peace, contentment, health, and happiness to all of us. May Allah make us all sharers of happiness and ease and be pleased with all of us. (Amen)

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