Life Prescription: Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility

Don't Blame, Take Responsibility

Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility

Life Prescription: Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility It is one to live life and one to reap life; There is a big difference between the two. Live life is the one who has made his own decisions in life, he is responsible for his own life… and those who cut life are those who follow the decisions of others, they are not responsible for their own life but they are others. are held responsible. They are not happy with their life.

Make at least two decisions in life: one about your career and the other about relationships, because these two decisions play a major role in how you live your life.

Don't Blame, Take Responsibility
Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility

First, let’s come to the career side. Have you ever wondered what I want to do in life? What is my purpose? Your whole life depends on deciding where you want to go in life, and what you want to do. And 90 percent of the people in the world can’t do much… because they can’t decide what to do. They cannot make this decision because they want to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of their decision. We need a lot of mental courage to make such a decision or set our respective goals.
Courage and courage so that we can go to any extent to achieve our goal, keep getting up again and again even after falling down ten times but don’t let your spirit get low. Setting such a goal requires us to make big and tough decisions and sometimes we have to go against our family members who want to do something else but we have something else in front of us. In such a case, the pain will have to be endured; And you have to prepare yourself for this test.

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The thing to consider is that a person who cannot decide his own life, what else will he do? He who does not take responsibility for himself, how can he take responsibility for others? So friends! First, be responsible for your own life. What happens is that we take responsibility for our failure and put it on others because we don’t have to do anything ourselves. When we are living on the decisions of others from the beginning, then we will also blame others for our failure!

Don't Blame, Take Responsibility
Don’t Blame, Take Responsibility

Life only comes once, you and me too. And if you are not responsible for it, then what are you doing? If you take responsibility for yourself, you will realize that I have failed because of myself; And this feeling will make you work with more enthusiasm, passion, and energy next time because you will be responsible for your own failure in your own eyes… and this thought will keep you going step by step. , whether successful or not.

Every parent wants their child to stand on their own feet. But how will he stand on his feet if you are not letting him make any decisions; In every case, your likes and dislikes are being imposed on your child. Have you ever thought about this as a parent?

Parents have a responsibility to make their children able to distinguish between good and bad. But have you ever given him the opportunity to decide for himself whether something is good or bad, right or wrong? If so, that is very good, but if not, and you force your children to accept what you have determined to be right, wrong to be wrong, good to be good, and bad to be bad, then such a child will be She will not be able to make any of her decisions by herself. There will be no such thing as trust… She will be forced to “bite” life instead of living it, like a prisoner.

Your child will not take responsibility in life, instead, he will blame others for not being able to move forward.

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We don’t just teach our children to believe in themselves, we teach them that you can’t do anything by yourself by making all their own decisions. So how will children develop?

If we want to raise our new generation in the right direction, making them confident, then we have to change our thinking. Otherwise, instead of development, the journey of degradation will continue forever. Will you be able to provide for your children to be less than anyone in the future? He is forced to cut his life instead of living it… as a punishment.

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