Argentina Vs Croatia: Lionel Messi is a GOAT

Argentina Vs Croatia: Lionel Messi is a GOAT

Argentina 3-0 Croatia: Argentina Vs Croatia

Argentina Vs Croatia At points, this World Cup looks like an elaborate movie set built around Lionel Messi’s last great mission: to become world champion at the age of 35. Even Argentina’s opening game defeat to Saudi Arabia included: little drama in the first scene, a slow recovery in the second group games, and a popular role in the first act before the gathering storm in the knockout stages. . The quarter-final with the Netherlands was like a bloodbath HBO would pay a decent amount to air in nine episodes. Still, tonight Messi and Argentina face the toughest character of the series, last season’s surprise protagonist: Croatia. Seven of tonight’s starters in the World Cup 2018 group stage also made their debuts: three for Argentina (Messi, Tagliafico, and Otamendi) and four for Croatia (Modrić, Perišić, Brozović, and Lovren). A player who was just 16 years old during the 2018 World Cup – Joško Gvardiol – was tasked with stopping Messi. It was a major plot twist in what promised to be a classic season finale.

The initial stages were as we expected, as Keji was a property program for farmers. There was a total of one shot by Dejan Lovren in the opening 20 minutes, so Messi repeatedly tweaked one of his hamstrings in an instant, with significantly more drama. Argentina’s first shot came in the 25th minute, Enzo Fernandez’s phaser saved by Dominique Levacvic.

Argentina Vs Croatia: Match Results

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One of the stories coming into the game was Livaković’s form in penalty saves, four of eight in shootouts so far this World Cup, so perhaps he liked a bit of a warm-up, accurately fouling Julian Alvarez. After doing so, Argentina’s counter-attack engaged the youth on a tear. Does the penalty save the teacher against Lionel Messi, contrary to 12 yards? no.

Argentina Vs Croatia Perhaps most impressively, Messi became only the sixth player to score in the last 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals since the round of 16 was introduced in 1986. Devour Soccer in 1994, 1998, and Wesley Snyder in 2010. Football historians will note that none of these previous five footballers managed to win the World Cup that year.

Lionel Messi is One Game From Immortality

Argentina Vs Croatia: Lionel Messi is a GOAT
Argentina Vs Croatia: Lionel Messi is a GOAT

Argentina was 1-0 up but still not playing well. No matter, another counter-attack five minutes later saw Alvarez pounce to score one of the most spectacular but shocking goals in World Cup history, with Borna-Sosa cutting the ball clear. One of the best tries ever in the entire game. Seen, allowing Alvarez to bundle home. He thus became the second Argentina under-22 player to score 3+ goals in a World Cup since Gonzalo Higuain in 2010. Pep Guardiola had predicted that the Manchester City forward would play a key role in the tournament and as usual, it looks like he knows what he’s talking about.

Argentina Vs Croatia: Match Squad

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Argentina Vs Croatia The game reached the halfway point with two goals from Messi and blissfully unaware that some would spend the legal 15 minutes of the break arguing that Argentina should not have been awarded a penalty.

Argentina Vs Croatia Predict three questions correctly for a chance to win big! Available on every match.
Croatia even had to roll the dice at 2-0 down, making two changes at the break, bringing on Mislav Oršić and Nikola Vlašić, before Bruno Petković replaced Marcelo Brozović five minutes into the second half. scored Are Croatia in all-out attack mode? Not enough, but not by far, although the removal of Brozovic – who was crucial in getting the match to this point – opened up some productive opportunities for Argentina, such as Messi’s first good chance of the half. After some good interplay, a shot on target from the left side of the six-yard box. Hamstring watch: Looked fine but maybe rest him before the final?

Argentina Vs Croatia: Match Highlights


Because Messi rolled back the years in the 69th minute, Joco Guardiola wished he was still 16 years old without a mask watching the World Cup on television, doing a low-speed/high-impact dance in the box. , and help Alvarez. His second and Argentina’s third. It was the kind of support that justifies the hype and the biographies but also makes you wish Diego Maradona’s career had been shown in 4K.

Argentina‘s goal broke Croatia apart, and the closing stages were played out in a haze of celebration, with you taking a three-goal lead, as a partisan Argentina crowd held their team’s way to a sixth final, Messi’s second. Replaced by Croatia’s all-time great, Luka Modric, undoubtedly one of the greatest players of his generation but a slightly reduced role in the presence of a sporting god. Argentina is not a one-man team – no side conceded fewer shots in their six games before the final.

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